Enhance Your Dog's Health and Immune System

K9 Thrive is a daily-use, canine-specific probiotic. This special blend of bacteria and enzymes promotes your dog's overall health and endurance. Adding K9 Thrive each day to your dog's regular food:

  - Conditions Skin & Coat
  - Reduces Diarrhea
  - Increases Nutrient Absorption

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K9 Thrive is also available in 25 pound buckets. Ideal for breeders or kennels. Contact us for more information. 

New Products - K9 Stop and K9 Recover 

Give K9 Stop at the first sign of diarrhea. K9 Stop is a natural diarrhea formula that stops diarrhea three ways:

  - Lowers pH level in the digestive track to kill off bad bacteria
  - Introduces five strains of good bacteria which is resistant to the lower pH
  - Charcoal absorbs the bad debris and drags it out of the system

K9 Stop can also be used to introduce good bacteria to a dog's digestive tract after a round of antibiotics.

K9 Stop

K9 Stop
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K9 Recover naturally rejuvenates your dog after physical exertion. This combination will get them back in the game quickly:

  - Vitamins A, D3, E, B12, Roboflavin and Niacin
  - Minerals
  - Five strains of good bacteria for the digestive tract
  - Electrolytes

K9 Recover can also be given to newborn puppies who need an extra boost.

K9 Recover
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K9 Thrive is a proud supporter of the Gichigami Express Sled Dog Race held in Grand Marais, MN January 3-6, 2014